Last week I attended the Energy Council’s annual meeting in Washington D.C.  The meetings were a great forum for discussing energy policy with some of the most knowledgeable people in the world on these issues.  The Energy Council is a legislative organization with representatives from 12 states, 6 provinces, and the country of Venezuela.  The conference provides an opportunity to introduce policy-makers to issues important to Alaska.  While in Washington, I discussed construction of a Natural Gas Pipeline and the Southeast Alaska Intertie with federal energy regulators at FERC.  I also met with Alaska’s Congressional Delegation to get their perspective on federal policy with regard to Alaska.  The conference featured several presentations that offer insight for Alaska such as Shale Gas development, Clean Coal technology, and Heavy Oil production.  I’ve served on the Energy Council’s executive committee for four years and consider legislators’ work on the conference a key part of our efforts to develop Alaska’s energy resources.

Click here to listen to Senator Stedman’s statement on Energy Council

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