I met with General Thomas Katkus of the Alaska Department of Military & Veterans Affairs today to get an update on the situation in the community of Pelican.  Last summer was very difficult for Pelican.  Heavy rain and flooding collapsed the flume that provides the community’s water-supply and electricity.  The flume also helped power the freezers at the Pelican Seafoods plant.  Without power there was a risk that ammonia-based coolant could seep into the community.  Governor Parnell issued an Administrative Order making disaster relief funding available to the community and instructed DMVA to assist with emergency repairs of the flume.

I worked with local leaders and the administration in response to this situation, and visited the Pelican this past fall to see the recovery work.  While there has been progress, there is still much to be done.  It was good to hear an update on the community’s recovery, and I’ve encouraged the City of Pelican and the Kake Tribal Corporation to continue working together to find solutions to these issues.

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