The second session of the 26th Alaska Legislature convened in Juneau today.

This session I will continue as Co-Chairman of the Finance Committee. In that role, I serve as one of five members of the Senate leadership. I will be focused on instituting sound fiscal policies and on ensuring the State’s financial resources are properly managed. My responsibilities include setting the Calendar of Bills before the Committee and drafting the State’s FY2011 Capital Appropriations Bill.

I will also serve on several committees that influence policy important to our district.  These include the Resources Committee, Legislative Budget & Audit Committee, Special Energy Committee, Rules Committee, Legislative Council and Vice-Chair of the Renewable Energy Task Force.  High energy costs continue to be one of the toughest economic challenges facing our state, and I plan to take a comprehensive approach to finding solutions and looking at all potential energy sources.  Of course no issue is more important to Alaska’s future than the commercialization of our North Slope gas reserves, which will continue to be a top priority for the legislature.  In the coming weeks I will continue to be engaged on these and other issues to represent you in legislature and get results for Alaskans.

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