Department of Transportation and Sitka Reach Agreement On Pedestrian Safety Crosswalk

The State Department of Transportation (DOT) and the City of Sitka have reached an agreement that will improve the crosswalk at the intersection of Halibut Point Road and Peterson Street by McDonald’s restaurant. Sitka has a lot of citizens, young and old, who walk and bike in the community, and McDonald’s draws a lot of foot and bike traffic.  This represents a significant improvement to highway safety at a busy intersection.  I raised the issue of Sitka crosswalks and highway safety to the Commissioner of DOT several times since last year in meetings at my office in Juneau and urged DOT to meet with local officials and take their concerns seriously.  My office will continue to monitor the progress and budget process on this project.

Link: City of Sitka Recommendations for Crosswalks in Sitka (March 3, 2015)


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