The Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood met in Wrangell, Alaska on October 7-10, 2015 for their annual Grand Camp Convention.  This annual convention marked the 100th year for the Alaska Native Sisterhood (ANS) which was founded in 1915.  The ANS have worked very hard with the Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB) to advance civil rights and equal citizenship in Alaska.  The theme of the annual convention was, “Building on the Strength and Wisdom of our Founding Mothers.”

Chief Shakes Tribal House with Senator Stedman at the entrance.

Senator Bert Stedman was among the invited guests to address the delegates in attendance.  The brothers and sisters of the Grand Camp honored Senator Stedman for his work to help continue the culture of Southeast Alaska through the rebuilding of ANB Founders Hall, located in Sitka, and Chief Shakes Tribal House, in Wrangell, and several others throughout Southeast.

Senator Stedman thanked the officers and members of ANB and ANS for their hard work over the last 100 years.  During his address to the delegates he discussed: the ANB Founders Hall and Chief Shakes Tribal House Renovations; Saxman Totem Pole Restoration; Mt. Edgecumbe High School swimming pool and the partners involved; Ketchikan Indian Community Vocational Training Center; Alaska Native Medical Center housing project; Energy and Transportation – Alaska Marine Highway System; road and power from Kake to Petersburg; Reynolds Creek in Hydaburg; and coming attractions this legislative session.  Senator Stedman also discussed the budget, budget reductions, and took several questions from the audience.  The delegates in attendance were very impressed with the honest conversation they were able to have with Senator Stedman.

“It was my honor to meet with the officers and members of ANB and ANS, talk with them about their current issues and congratulate the sisters on their first 100 years.”  ANB and ANS thanked Senator Stedman for his work and interest in preserving the culture of Southeast Alaska for current and future generations.  Senator Stedman’s family has been residing in central Southeast for over a century and wishes both ANB and ANS and the Stedman family make the 200 year celebration even more significant than the first 100 year.

L to R: Freda Westman, Marvin Adams, Senator Stedman, and Wes Morrison





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