Sitka was struck by a terrible tragedy Tuesday morning when torrential rains set off several landslides with tons of logs, rocks, and mud, rushing down and wiping out anything and everything in their path.  One large landslide took out a home that was under new construction and continued downhill.  Three men went missing in the area of the Kramer Avenue landslide.

Shortly after the landslides, I spoke with the Mayor Mim McConnell and City Administrator Mark Gorman and suggested contacting Governor Walker.  I called Governor Walker and he immediately offered to change his schedule to come to Sitka.  A United States Coast Guard helicopter then took the Mayor, City Administrator, Search and Rescue member Mike Motti, and myself to get an aerial view of the damage, which was obviously extensive.  Governor Walker arrived in Sitka the next morning, Wednesday, to review the damage and meet with local officials and the families of the missing persons, Ulises Diaz, Elmer Diaz, and William Stortz.

On behalf of myself and staff, our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to their families in this time of need, and a special thank you to the departments, organizations, and volunteers involved in the emergency efforts.  The attention and priority Governor Walker gave to Sitka is also appreciated.

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