Congratulations to all graduating seniors in the class of 2015.  You did it!  Enjoy your accomplishment and enjoy the summer.  The real world awaits you.  Now is the best time to set your goals and plan for your future.


Senator Stedman with Joseph Espeseth

There are some great career opportunities here in Southeast Alaska.  The University of Alaska Southeast offers education and training programs in the maritime and mining industry. Mining jobs, from engineering to drilling and production, are some of the highest paying jobs in the state with an average salary of $100,000 per year. There are two mines on Prince of Wales Island (Bokan & Niblack) that are in the developmental stages that would provide opportunities as well as two operating mines in located just outside of Juneau (Kensington and Greens Creek).

The fishing industry is Alaska’s largest private employer, and seasonal work can be found on the deck of a seine boat and other commercial fishing vessels to  working in a processing plant throughout Alaska. Vessel Construction and shore-side vessel maintenance are other options for an excellent  profession.

Another avenue to consider and pursue are in the trades.  I urge you to look into the career opportunities of electrical workers, construction workers, pile drivers, heavy equipment operators, and others.

Our Southeast Tourism and Hospitality sector provide college or Vocational-Education bound student’s summer employment,  good work opportunities, as well as business experience. The key is to get started, work hard, and never quit!

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